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 When the lab opened, this object served as a sort of photographic mascot. We wrote:

"We like to think of this as the monolith, not of 2001 but of 1991. We would never be so presumptuous as to suggest that it heralds the dawning of a new age of mankind. It does represent a new era in analytical services for us, certainly and we hope it will for you also."

That philosophy and approach are just as applicable today.


Actually, it is an intermetallic crystal of very complex composition that formed unexpectedly in a zinc casting alloy. It was magnified about 5,000X by the scanning electron microscope.

Generally, our services can be described as micro and surface analysis methods for solids. We think that you will enjoy doing business with us for the following reasons.





 GRATITUDE (yes, gratitude)

EXPERIENCE We have over 40 years of experience in the semiconductor, computer, basic metals, automotive and aerospace industries providing analyses on semiconductors, printed circuit boards, metals of all kinds, polymers, biomaterials, ceramics and forensic samples. This means that we know how not only to analyze your samples, we are familiar with your products and processes; we talk your language.

SERVICE We realize that when you need analysis, it probably means that you have a problem and so we are going to do whatever we can to make solving it as painless as possible. You can send samples to us by any of the normal overnight or parcel delivery services. Once we have them, we will return the results to you as quickly as possible, typically in about 1 - 2 days for in-house services. Weekend service and even faster turnaround are usually available for a surcharge.

VALUE Have a look at our price list and you will see that our services are priced very competitively. In addition, our minimum charges are very reasonable so that the cost for a small job will not make it look like a large one. Our prices include normal sample preparation and a data package of results. If you need a full written report, that is also available for an additional fee.

INTEGRITY We are offering just about every type of analysis there is and we have no special stake in any one of them. What we do care about is having you as a satisfied customer and we will try to achieve that by providing the best analytical method for your problem, not the most profitable one. We also are not going to sell you a series of analyses if one is all that you need.

GRATITUDE We really appreciate the trust you show us when you bring us your business and we want to ensure you know this. For our best customers we have a frequent analyzers plan, or volume discounts. Provided your account is current, any time you have more than $10,000 of in - house business in 1 month, you will receive a 2% credit against future work. If you do over $25,000 in any 3 consecutive months, you will receive an additional credit of 3% of the amount in excess.

Our Other Services

While these are, strictly speaking, not analytical techniques, there are some other services we provide. These include:
1. Short courses on analytical methods,
2. Consulting on general materials issues,
3. Metallurgical and printed circuti board failure analysis,
4. Evaluation of electropolished stainless steels,
5. Some instruction in analytical machine operation.
For any information on these topics or anything else with which you think we might be able to assist you, please give us a call.