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Some Kudos We Have Received


Some of our customers have been kind enough not only to pay us for our work but to leave some complimentary comments, like the ones below.


"This guy is a pretty critical vendor to our engineering efforts and his pricing is substantially better

than all the competition."

PR at ET - an American manufacturing company; they actually manufacture high tech things here in the US.



"This supplier relationship is very important to us and provides significant value to our development


RH at JP - a high tech research, development and manufacturing company; they develop a new line of high tech products

and manufacture them here in the US.


"I want to thank you for your time spent with me yesterday and advice on SEM/EDX analysis.

Your valuable advice will help me a lot."

JBP at CPU - a California university


"Thank you for the analysis. This fully clarifies the issue and validates my assertion that the problem

was caused by poor FABrication of the PWB (Printed Wiring Board or Printed Circuit Board.)"

HM at MG - a manufacturer of equipment for the semiconductor industry